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harry potter booksAfter a decade of returning to Hogwarts for wands and wizardry JK Rowling finished her fabulous Harry potter series leaving those who had grown up with Harry, Hermione and Ron out on a limb. What makes these books so special is that Rowling managed not only to capture the imagination of a generation, but to allow her characters to grow up at the same pace as her readers. What starts as simple childish fantasy grows into something dark and atmospheric that propels the story and characters forward and also tackles the hardships of adolescence and change. Harry Potter is a fabulous role model for children; the underdog orphan who was kept in the closet goes on to be one of the most powerful wizards in history and embraces bravery, loyalty and friendship at every step. Rowling created Harry’s universe so in depth that as soon as you open the pages you are transported into a paradox of the world we know so well, but it is a world sprinkled with magic and spells. Rowling doesn’t flinch from the death and the darkness which is a brave move for a children’s author. She also blurs the lines of good and bad with complex troubled characters like Professor Snape, Draco Malfoy and even you-know-who. In short the Harry Potter books are more than a simple escape series, they are a whole new world waiting for you. Take a look at the best Harry Potter books and let the Hogwarts express take you away…

phil stoneHarry Potter and the Philosophers Stone
This was the book that very first took us into the world of Hogwarts and Harry Potter. We first meet Potter as an orphan boy who lives with his hideous ‘muggle’ relatives who keep him stashed away in the cupboard and dress him in rags. That is until his eleventh birthday when Hagrid comes crashing through the door to transport him to Hogwarts School of Wizardry. Although this book is without a doubt the most childish of all the series, it is still one of the best. No one can forget the first time they read about the floating candles of Hogwarts, crashing through the platform to find the hidden train and all other kinds of magic and mysteries. Rowling set the stage and it was fascinating from the word go.

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire  goblet
The Goblet of Fire was the first book to truly take its first steps into the adult plain. This was the book where Hermione started to care about her hair, where Ron started to feel a flutter of jealousy, and where the children have to deal with death in its rawest form. This is also the book where Rowling truly goes wild in her fantasy creation, throwing in mermaids, dragons, dark forces and a whole lot more. It’s a glimpse into the darkness and a shift to an older plain which is what makes it such a standout book that doesn’t conform to the structure and sense of the past three. Friendships start to become more complex, webs start to get weaved and tangled and being a wizard stops being all about fun as the readers realize there are deadly consequences to this game.

azkabanHarry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban
Another firm favorite in the great debate of the best harry potter books, the Prisoner of Azkaban always comes up trumps. Sirius Black is one of the best characters to come out of the woodwork and we really start to get a true look into the dark past of Hogwarts and what became of the Potter family that fateful night. The subject of horror and fear starts to pepper the pages and we feel a shiver down our spine as we read about the dementors who feed on human sadness and we start to see a Harry that has to face responsibly and defining moments that will stick with him for the rest of his life. This is where the tale takes a subtle twist and starts to let in the shadows and leave the whimsical light behind.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows deathly hallows
The dramatic finale in the series of Harry Potter and arguably the best. The Deathly Hallows leaves childish fantasy at the door and takes the reader into a world that is both dark and disturbing and without the safety net of certain characters to save the day. Harry is out on a limb and has to ride the roller coaster of fear, sadness, and an adventure alone, with only the readers in tow for company. This was the book that had us on the edge of our seats, the book that kept us breathless and the book that delivered nothing less than a perfect conclusion to a perfect story, the best way to end a decade.

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What Makes a Book Rare and Valuable?


One key thing to remember when it comes to spotting a rare book is that sentimentality should be the first thing out of the window. Often, as book lovers we tend to confuse sentimental value with monetary value. Sure that battered childhood version of “Alice in Wonderland” may have belonged to your Grandmother, and you may have tucked it beneath your pillow every night, and the pages may have yellowed to look the part, but that doesn’t mean it’s a rare book.

A rare book is not simply an old book, it’s not a now out of print book and it’s not a book that has simply been passed down because of its sentimental value. This is why searching for rare books can be similar to seeking out the Holy Grail or finding the magic lamp in Aladdin’s cave. A true rare book can be like finding a needle in a haystack, but once you have it in your hand, it makes the search worthwhile. The first step to finding rare books is to understand exactly what makes a book rare.

A book will only be considered valuable if it is in demand. A book that nobody wants or nobody is willing to pay for, is not a valuable book, even though it could still be considered a rare book. Ever since the printed word went into press, millions of books have been produced and many ended up on the slush pile. Many authors have created works that are now out of print and just because you have stumbled across a copy may make it rare but doesn’t make it valuable. In fact an author’s popularity often affects whether the book is considered rare or a collectible. Great American authors like Ernest Hemingwayare highly collectable and if you have a limited edition copy of an early Hemingway novel then this could be an example of both a rare and valuable book. Remember demand is the first step to discovering if the book is considered valuable.

How scare a book is will also determine how rare a book is. You may have a book that is scarcely found to be in such good condition, or is scarcely found with a hardback jacket. How commonly available a certain kind of book is will have some bearing on how rare the book is and will also add to its value.

Special Features
Regardless of the books age, a rare book can be found on the shelves of modern classics. A book can be considered rare if it holds some special features that sets it aside from its printed brothers and sisters. For example maybe this book is a first print edition, or a limited print edition. Maybe it has a different dust jacket or it has additional features inside. All these things can add to a books demand. It is worth noting however, that just because the author has happened to scrawl their name on the book, doesn’t always mean the books value has been boosted.

The biggest factor when it comes to weighing up the value of a rare book is the physical condition. The book seller will turn this book over in their hands time and time again trying to gauge how close this copy is to the original copy. You need to check the pages carefully to see if they are all there or whether any are torn. Look at the spine and see if it is cracked, faded or damaged or if the book has been rebound. Rebound books will lose a large chunk of their rarity and it will reduce their value. A general rule of thumb is that the better the condition, the more the rare book is worth

booksThese are the basic factors that make a book valuable; demand, scarcity, special ‘one off’ features and condition. For any aspiring book collector these things should certainly be taken into account as you never know what you will find hiding on the shelves of some dusty old book shop or on specialist websites like

Collecting Valuable Books

Many people like to collect valuable books. Some people collect books by certain authors or books of a certain genre. Then, there are those who like to collect books as a hobby. These people are known as book scouts. Not only are they avid readers but they are also willing to spend a lot of time and money going through materials, magazines, books and pamphlets written by authors (deceased and alive) in order to collect valuable books.
What makes a book valuable?
People who are willing to collect valuable books have a knack for being able to tell a valuable book apart from a book that is merely a good read. Not every book is a valuable one just because it is a good read. The difference between a good read and a book that is a valuable one is that valuable ones are worth more than the former and books are valuable for two reasons; either because of the concept that they depict or because of what they are, such as first
editions, limited editions that were signed by authors, books that may have been banned at a certain time because the book was considered to be provocative or controversial at the time that it was published.
Many books of both sorts exist though one would have to spend a lot of time and energy and they would have to go to different bookstores and libraries to find such books. However, with technological advancements and the internet readers and book scouts can easily find valuable books online while sitting at home, instead of looking for such books in different bookstores and libraries.
Why use the internet when looking for valuable books?
The internet is a resourceful tool for readers, nowadays. Rather than going around and looking for valuable books in bookstores and libraries one can simply look these up online. This is less time consuming and tedious as compared to walking around and looking for a good read. In addition to this, readers can look up prices of these books online.
Another advantage of the internet is that a lot of information and material is available on search engines. Often readers and book scouts are unaware of valuable books written by their favourite authors. Many deceased authors have written books that not too many readers or collectors may know of. These books and materials may not be available in bookstores or libraries, simply because they are no longer available, or because the book was banned because
it was considered provocative and controversial at the time that it was written by the author.
The internet has a lot of information related to previous works of authors as well as rarer additions of contemporary texts. With the swathes of information that we now have at our fingertips with the internet, finding and collecting these items is not such an arduous task as it once was.

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