Best Selling Books of 2013

With the leaves turning on the trees and those dark nights closing in, it’s hard to believe we are already halfway through the year. But what of the best selling books of 2013? What a year it has been for books so far, some old classics made a reappearance on the shelves, some favored writers took their hand to the pen once more and some new talent certainly crawled out of the woodwork.
There has definitely been a balance of the good, the bad and the ugly when it comes to the bestsellers of 2013 so far, from Twilight fan fiction to the greatest books of all time, take a look at what has been flying off the shelves all summer long.

inferno in best selling books of 2013Inferno – Dan Brown

You either loved or loathed the hype surrounding ‘The Da Vinci Code’ and now Dan Brown is back to tackle the mystery and darkness surrounding Dante’s long and winding poem Inferno. The tale pulls you in through secret passageways, classic art and the rolling landscape of Italy. Dan Brown seems to stick to a formula he knows well and the book doesn’t step out of line with the previous three books in this series. If you are a Dan Brown die hard then you will adore this book, if you are on the fence then you may find this book more of a chore than an intrigue. Brown certainly provides food for thought with his ethical questions imprinted in the text but his fascination with famous Italian attractions often gets in the way of a good story and makes his work read more like a guide book than a fast paced and well-structured thriller. First on the list of best selling books of 2013.

The Great Gatsby– F.Scott Fitzgerald greatgatsby in best selling books of 2013

One of the best books in literature has made a comeback thanks to the release of the Hollywood blockbuster of a film. The Great Gatsby needs little introduction as it takes you into the heat of the summer in Long Island 1925 and paints a painful portrayal of jazz and decadence and the downside of the American dream. The writing is flawless, the characters shallow and vacant and the social commentary is violent and scathing. Fitzgerald manages to create an elegant novella with arguably some of the best stand out lines in English literature. Another great book in the best selling books of 2013.

gone girlGone Girl – Gillian Flynn

The new novel by Gillian Flynn offers binge reading at its best. It’s a thriller that once you start you will literally be unable to stop, named as the New York Times bestseller, this is a story that will have you looking at your spouse with suspicion and unable to focus on anything but the mystery of marriage. The razor sharp tale focuses on the disappearance of Nick’s wife Amy one sultry summer morning when the couple are set to be celebrating their anniversary. As the story starts with golden boy Nick paying close attention to the skull of his beautiful wife as she lies in bed next to him, the reader is hurtled through a passage of dark secrets and whodunit scenarios. It’s a car wreck of a story you can’t miss and one that is sure to linger in the fabric of your imagination.

Fifty Shades of Grey – El James fifty shades of grey

The book that launched a thousand tirades still managed to make the best sellers list this year despite scathing criticism at every turn. This is a book that you should sheepishly hide under the cover of War and Peace when sat on the train. Spawned from Twilight fan fiction and an exploration of BDSM between a naïve college girl and a multimillionaire, the self-labeled mommy porn may be a page turner but for all the wrong reasons. Terribly inconsistent writing paired with irritating and unbelievable characters it’s a book that truly punishes its reader for even attempting to pick it up. If you have a sense of humor you may stick your tongue firmly in your cheek as you dare to tackle this masterpiece of poor talent.

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