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A meta search engine for finding used books in the UK, textbooks, antiquarian, rare and out of print books . Not only do you have access to millions of used books you can buy online and have your chosen book shipped to your door. All this from the comfort of your own home. Search, find and buy online from hundreds of bookstores worldwide. Our ‘used books in the UK’ search engine is linked to thousands of online booksellers via a small number of booklisting services. Go straight to those sites that have your used books for sale by filling in the above form and clicking on the ‘Search’ button.

Search Tips

    • Enter a single word (or part word) in any or all of the search boxes.
    • Try not to use specialist characters like ‘&’ or ‘*’ or ‘?’ which may have unexpected results.
    • Click on ‘Search’ when ready for a price comparison.
    • When you see the price you like or the book site you prefer click on it to transfer to this vender site for the option to buy.


If you want to search for used books worldwide then click on the ‘Home’ button top left. If you want to search for books located in a different country to the UK (e.g. the USA or France), then click on the ‘Country :’ options in the first line of the form, or select from the country flag in the top right corner. The default here is for bookshops located somewhere in the UK.

Search, find and buy online from hundreds of bookstores worldwide. Compare prices of over 120 million used, old, rare and out of print books.

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